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The Mister Africa International organisation has announced a new format for the 6th edition of the pageant themed 'the African edition' which will take place in Nigeria on the 2nd and 3rd of December , 2017. Akol Dok of South Sudan will say goodbye as the Mister Africa International 2016/17 on the day.

The Mister Africa International will not only have African male pageant winners from across the continent but will also have Mr Africa title holders in different continents (eg Mr Africa France, Mr Africa Portugal) . Furthermore winners of regional African titles eg Mr Teen Africa , Mr Fashion Africa will also be allowed to compete in the pageant. ' This is to give the pageant a more international feel and bring Africans from all over the world and not just Africa together in a  bid to move us all closer to the Africa we want to see'  Jenifer Richards , President of the Mister Africa International

Following the theme , African edition. The contestants will be judged in 5 different categories;for the prejudging and this will amount to 60% of the total score   STYLE ICON , BODY OF AFRICA , EXTREME FITNESS , BUSINESS BRAIN, AND MULTIMEDIA CHALLENGE . On the final competition which will account for 40% of the total,  the contestants will compete in four rounds ; beach Body , Evening Suit , Talent and Final Question.

The organizers reserve the right to amend the format and rules as may be required for the successful running of the event

' This year will be one of the great line ups we have had in years' Duchess Nena , executive Producer

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